Themed Typography


JordanPope-Themed-3 JordanPope-Themed-2 JordanPope-Themed-9 JordanPope-Themed-8 JordanPope-Themed-7 JordanPope-Themed-6 JordanPope-Themed-5 JordanPope-Themed-4FineArtThemed

For this process, I primarily went for macro shots of rusty metal. I found that the textures on all the pieces were very interesting to look at. I then chose my favorites and selected out of those the ones that would work best with type. I then figured out the best placement, the fonts I wanted, and what I wanted to say. After I had all that figured out, I placed it all in the images. Hope you like it.


One thought on “Themed Typography”

  1. These are some really cool pieces. I love the big rusty wheels, the greyscale playset, the sepia wagon wheel and the tree with the light reflecting off the top of the window (one of your layers). Great views!


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