JordanPope-ColorReplace JordanPope-ColorReplaceNone JordanPope-Enhance JordanPope-EnhanceNone JordanPope-Environment JordanPope-FullBody JordanPope-HeadnShoulders JordanPope-MatchColorJordanPope-MatchColorSource JordanPope-MatchColorNone JordanPope-SideComp

Process: A lot of this was done over the weekend, taking photos. I do not have any group ones unfortunately. But, with what I was able to accomplish it was somewhat fun working with models, though not really my thing. In the editing stage, I didn’t make very many edits, if any. I only edited those that needed to be edited. In the enhancement, I only used some slight skin smoothing and a few spot healings. There wasn’t any irises to enhance or teeth to whiten, but the smoothing I think worked pretty well.

Side note: Based on some feedback for image sizing, The images are at 1024px on the long side and are being displayed at the large size (therefore smaller than full size) as stated in the instructions. There may be some discrepancy with the resolution based on Lightroom saving at 72dpi and Photoshop’s Save for Web saving at 60 (whether that is 60dpi or whatever else the save for web feature saves it as).


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