Composition: Perspective of 12

per12-bridgemiddle per12-bridgesideper12-monkeybars per12-steps per12-underpolesper12-collogeProcess: After deciding on and finding the right location, I went through the process of taking images at varying focal length as well as at multiple exposures. I then brought them into Photoshop and added adjustment layers, overlays, and textures to the images. I had some fun with the three primary color images with selective desaturation. I then selected the ones that I wanted large and made the collage out of the others. Hope you like them.


2 thoughts on “Composition: Perspective of 12”

  1. This was a sweet perspective of 12. You made me feel like a kid again, and I kind of really want to go play on a playground now. My favorite picture is probably the third one. I love the lines you have, not to mention the color pop! Great perspective. The black and white one is also pretty sweet. I like the overlay you did on that. Good job! Awesome photos.

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  2. Hey, you did a great job with these! My favorite is the fourth one, the texture overlay you did on it makes the equipment almost look as if it is made out of marble or some sort of stone. Changing it to black and white helped a lot to add to that effect. It is awesome! I really like the concept and execution of the photos of the circles in the top left of your collage!

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