Photodesign Introductory Post

Welcome to the Photodesign Section of my blog.

To start off, my name is Jordan Pope. I am first and foremost an Illustrator. I enjoy all types of visual media, however. I work with Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Web Programming and Design, general Computer Programming, and working it all together into what is me. When it comes to photography and editing, I am not a leader in the photography end. This is my first real time using a DSLR camera, but I have worked with designing photographs. I use Photoshop quite a bit, more for digital painting, but I know my way around photo editing.

Photo of Me and my Wife

Of my past photos, they consist of Comm130 and Graphic Design project work from last semester, so they are fairly recent. They were taken with a standard digital camera at 14 mega pixel sizing. Lighting is something that I really enjoy playing with as well as having fun with my own setups (see the 2nd Image). All were edited in some ways consisting primarily of curves/levels, contrast, saturation/brightness/vibrancy, and photo filter adjustment layers in Photoshop. Some cropping may have been used as well, but I tend to do my crop selection directly with the camera.   Past05 Past04 Past03 Past02 Past01


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