P7 Website


Description: This project was to design and code a web page to promote a logo that I have previously designed. The project uses coding in both html and css.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): For this project, I started off selecting one of my logo’s. I went with my “Nano-cyber” logo and then began the coding. Since I am using a PC I am using Notepad++ to write my code. I used the code initially provided as a template. I adjusted the code as necessary, adding lists and such where needed. I did the same with the .css code, taking out what I didn’t like and adding what I needed. I designed a banner and tile-able background to further add to the page.I received critiques and adjusted my page as needed.

Message: The business is a high-tech nanotechnology and cybernetics research and development company. The message is to be modern and futuristic. (The same as P6’s Message)

Audience: The intended audience is primarily other companies that provide materials for research as well as companies that would purchase the technology that is developed. (The same as P6’s Audience)

Top Thing Learned: One of the biggest things that I learned is that I don’t know enough code to do what my mind wants to do.

Color scheme and color hex(s): Monochromatic Color using #00aeef (Cyan)

Title Font Families & Category: Trebuchet MS – Sans serif

Copy Font Families & Category: Times New Roman – Oldstyle

Changes made to the CSS: Changes included: color changes text size changes, removal of corner radius’s, adjusting of logo floating, and padding and margin adjustments.

Word Count: 366


One thought on “P7 Website”

  1. I really love your design Jordan. I think my favorite part is the background image because it is very subtle, but ties it all together. It really looks technological, and the colors all go together really well. Overall I really like it, I just wonder what it would look like if you adjusted the transparency of your white body area. Just a thought and something to experiment with.

    Here is Weston’s design, I think he did a good job too: http://westoncolescomm.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/p7-web-page/


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