P6 Stationary

P6 JordanPope P6JordanPopeCards

Description: This is a design of a new logo, letterhead, and business card for a company.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started off deciding on the company and its name. I then designed the logo in Illustrator. I designed it based on a water molecule, a simple atomic molecule that promotes the nano-technology based ideas. After designing the logo, I went ahead and designed the business cards. I went with a circular design because it is something radically different. I calculated the surface area of a standard business card and calculated the area for a circular one in addition to excluding the cut out portion of the card so that the surface area is approximately the same (within about 1/10th of an inch). I then designed the letterhead based on similar styles from the business card and the ideology of the business. I then received critique and made the slight adjustments to the design.

Message: The business is a high-tech nanotechnology and cybernetics research and development company. The message is to be modern and futuristic.

Audience: The intended audience is primarily other companies that provide materials for research as well as companies that would purchase the technology that is developed.

Top Thing Learned: The top thing that I learned is that there is a lot of power in simple design and color.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic Teal

Title Font Name & Category: Platinum Beat BTN – Sans Serif/Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category: Adobe Garamond Pro – Oldstyle


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