Comm 130 P1 Flier Project



Description: This is a Flier Project for my Comm 130 class with a specific amount of information and design steps that had to be followed. The project is a Flier for a leadership conference for graduating seniors.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): Through this process, I utilized the FOCUS process of Formulating, Organizing, Contrasting, Unifying, and Simplifying. I made sketches with pencil and paper, then started taking the most effective sketch and designing it out in Adobe InDesign. After finishing the rough draft I met with several people both working on the same project as well as those without the same knowledge about design to gain different points of view to get a critique of my design. I took the critiques and ideas and revised my design to what it is now.

Message: Information and Invitation to a leadership conference for graduating seniors

Audience: Graduating Seniors

Top Thing Learned: One of the biggest things that I learned was about the overall feel or style of the design and how it can present a certain message in what it looks like compared to other types of designs. For example, the initial design looked more like a letterhead than a flyer, but after having that pointed out I was able to change the design to look more like a flyer than a letter.

Title Font Name & Category: Caecilia LT Std Bold – Slab Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Gill Sans MT – San Serif

Links to images used in this project


5 thoughts on “Comm 130 P1 Flier Project”

  1. Your flier looks great as a whole. The Asymmetry is very appealing. The additional circles and lines all flow and make great use of alignment. My only advice would be to use a Serif Font for the body text because it makes the smaller print easier to read. Other than that the picture and title and text all go together nicely. Fine Work!

    Check out this blog:


  2. Your title caught my attention right away. The emphasis on graduate really tells your audience what this is about and who it is for. I love the gradient circles and how the logo is one of these circles in a way. I would recommend maybe bolding some of the really important information like the date, place, time, space, and what it is really about. Overall the design is clean and concise, it leads the eye through the flier and gets your message across.
    This flier is similar to yours, I think, in the use of gradient shapes and lines.


  3. Hey Jordan your flier reminds me of when a bow is tied on a present, its awesome! Also the fact that you made the “G” in graduate so prominent would make it very hard not to pass by and read the information. I love the contrast of the lines to circles because it makes it come together and has a nice flow. Your lines remind me of Kennan’s flier because they are placed in the perfect spot and makes everything look good! Great Job!!


  4. Hi Jordan, I really like your design for this project! I think it has a great focal point. The combination of the G in graduate and the picture really balances your design. I also like how you used the repeating circles, I felt like that also helped emphasize your focal point. The circles also connect well with your logo, giving it good flow. Great Job! Here’s the link to my project


  5. I really like the unity within the design using the circles as repetition. The Large G is captivating and grabs attention. Everything is square and aligned which brings confidence and importance. I like it how the information about the date, time and place is larger which grabs attention. I think for the body copy you could emphasize some of the words and make the body copy more inviting and interesting.


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